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Unique, one of kind, handcrafted duck and turkey calls

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My mission during the process of making custom game calls is to bring the buyer as much joy in using the call as I had in making it.


"Except the Lord build the house they labor in vain whom build it.."
    Psalm 127:1


Did you know...

  Although the exact date is unknown the first duck call is believed to have been made in 1850.
-  -  -  -
Prior to duck calls, hunters raised and utilized tame ducks which they took to the field when hunting.   They kept these ducks in portable pens which they used to call the wild birds as they were approaching. This was outlawed in 1935.
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Made in the USA

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     Original, custom handcrafted Duck and Turkey calls
designed by callmaker Chris Harrell. 
Made one at a time with the hunter in mind.

Custom handcrafted duck calls made in North Carolina by Chris of Quacky Calls 

I take great pride and effort during the design process to implement into each and every call; sound quality, durability, and appearance.  With this foundation, my main goal thereafter is to produce a call that is truly... "Built for the Hunter"


A batch of custom duck calls crafted out of Yellowheart, handcrafted and custom made by Chris Harrell.  Quacky Calls

Custom gift call allotments (as pictured above) available as well for weddings, groomsmen,
 your loved ones, hunters, bird watchers, or wildlife and waterfowl enthusiasts.  I also offer
custom, personalized engraving on calls
(see more)
Contact Chris in regards to such arrangements

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Aspiring author to the book:  The Dream Lives

"I find such comfort in knowing that no matter how difficult it is to seemingly
 pursue one's dreams and deal with the obstacles that are indeed part of the conquest,
that is part of the battle to conquer and I understand my decision to pursue my
passions will ultimately benefit many others in the years that lie ahead." 
                                                                                          signed - Chris Harrell


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